Venatorii Noctus


Sender: Master Oversight

_ Decoding and Transmitting_



Though I am loath to pitch relatively green operatives such as yourselves into such an assignment we have precious few others to send. The other masters and I are dispatching you to America, the city of New Orleans to be precise. The city has festered for too long and recent events require that attention here be stepped up. A cell in Munich, Germany was all but wiped out by an attack by unknown dark forces. The sole survivor Tanya Railey was able to get out a brief communique. The Munich Cell were building a data cache on the Dark in Western Europe and it appears that this information as well as Railey has been taken. Why this is we do not know but this is simply one more reason to send in a team.

Your mission aims are three fold

1. Recover the data cache
2. If possible rescue Operative Railey
3. Discover the identity of the Dark fore that wiped out the Munich Cell and bring all the wrath and retribution that Bhairav can bring down upon them
4. Pacify New Orleans and the Dark there as far as possible
5. Enforce the Whitelist

When you arrive at the Louis Armstrong International Air port proceed to Locker A33 to collect your drop including the location of your safe house. Keep me informed of your progress.

Shubh ratri


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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