Melanie Charventille

A Centre of Attention at La Maison Des Gloire


A Muse who lives at the bar La Maison Des Gloire. Muses cannot inspire themselves but they can inspire others so she surrounds herself with talented individuals whom she inspires to new peaks. Some of these cannot handle inspiration and their minds break under its stress or occasionally if they try to leave. One of the people who became inspired by her was Helena’s companion Ichabod.


Melanie is part of the white list the terms of her white list are:

  • She must obey any instruction given to her by a member of the Venatorii
  • She must oppose the Dark Forces of the City
  • She must assist Mikhail (this clause is somewhat redundant)
  • She may not leave the centre of New Orleans

She was apparently tricked into agreeing to the White List. The Venatorii do not have all the details but from the reports say she saved Mikhail when his cell were killed around him. She was later tricked onto the white list.

She has about twelve ex patrons of her club locked up in the Gloire as they have become dangerous to themselves with inspiration.

Melanie Charventille

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