Shape Changer Murderer For Hire


Favour 2
Armour 2
HP 24
MP: 18
Speed: 42
Damage: +3
Initiative 15 + 3d6

Strength 12
Endurance 12
Agility 15
Social 17
Knowledge 8
Willpower 9
Finesse 14

Ventriloquism +2
Deception +3
Knives +2
Dodge +2
Sniper Rifles +1
Acrobatics +3
Electronic Surveillance +2

Master Shape Changer
May mimic form at will for a 1MP cost. How well he can mimic a form is dependent upon how well he knows the target. He may not simply imagine someone he must go off a person he has met/seen. Shape changers also receive +2 Social +2 Agi and 2 Free Skills. Physical attributes do not change from form to form.

Glanced at, basing off a photo recalling from a long time ago: 2 dice perception role can detect faults
Studied for about half an hour: 3 dice perception role but only by someone who knows the mimicked form well or in a situation where a portion of the body the shape changer has not seen is revealed.
Spent several days study, has conversed with and practiced mimicking: perception checks no longer work must succeed on an opposed Social Roll (3 dice)
Spent over a week getting to know target, touched intimately opposing party must succeed on five dice social roll to detect something strange unless they are particularly close.

Shape Changers are distantly related to Fae and Were creatures but do not share their weaknesses. Lead is the only thing that is particularly dangerous for them since it is a static heavy material as opposed to the quick silver people.

Specialist Weapons Proficiency
May use specialist weapons without penalty

Striking Cobra
First Round of Combat Receives +2D6 Initiative and one die easier on attacks.

Quicksilver Stance
May add the amount he is ahead on initiative to either damage or dodge three times per round. (Hand to hand only) He may do this once he’s seen the dice outcome. He may do this against close range fire arms like shot guns.

Hands 4+3
Polymer Blade 9+3
Venom Tactical Taipan 29 (+1 Agi +1 Fin, ignores 1 dice of adverse conditions)
Zm Weapon LR 300 27 Damage (3 Shots per round) (Reload 4, AP 2)
Garotte 12 (mutes target)

Runic Tattoos: 3 Armour not reduced by Armour pen and regen D6+1 HP per round
Black out grenades directional flash bangs that throw out sticky darkness
Infra Contacts: Prevents blinding and lets him see in infra vision
Venom Tactical Taipan Sniper Rifle (1 Agi +1 Fin)
Concealed Garotte (12 Damage, Mutes Target, COntinue Damage, Ghost)
ZM Weapon LR 300 (
3 Agi +1 Fin)
Light Tac Armour 2 Dice of Armour
Flamer Gauntlet
Bugs and Observation equipment
Polymer Blade
Explosives Cache



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