Dr Jonathan McKinnen

A Devout Priest of Our Lord


A medical professional and philanthropist by day with Ochsner Health, Dr. Jonathan McKinnen spends his evenings running a small fraternity of occult specialists. He presents himself as a religious figure to the cult, bringing in people to train in the occult arts at one of the Ochsner Health Centres called “The Hospice”

He has several classes that run weekly assisted by his closest assistants Zachary (who teaches the Basics Classes) , Monica (Who teaches the advanced classes) and Tara (who teaches the Breaking and Remaking Class).

Some other members of his cult known to the Venatorii are Angela “Angie” Murphy an impressionalble young witch and Mr Smith a businessman with a professional air.

Dr McKinnen used to be a good friend of Smokescreens father before he died and it is possible they know one anther’s true names.

There are at least 8 Demons of a High Rank involved in the Khurana Cult. So far the only one that has been encountered is a Pride Demon that’s a czarodziej. It was strong willed and capable of invading minds and attacking incorporeal beings.


Dr Jonathan McKinnen

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