Elizabeth Roth


A vicious vampiress who enjoys the suffering of others more than her own gratification. She is her nests manipulator, political heavy weight and black mailer


Once a poor peasant who lived during the Thirty years (1600s) war she was created as a vampire largely out of boredom on her sire’s part than anything. He bought her from her struggling family and spent some time using her as a training practice to control. Once she was no longer needed she was left in France. She found her way to the colonies where she fell in with Larch an expert manipulator herself now.

HP 24
MP 24
ARM: 2
Damage +6
Speed 36
Initiative D6 +12

Strength 18
Endurance 12
Agility 12
Social 15
Knowledge 15
Willpower 12
Finesse 9

Politics +2
Empathy +2
Command +3
Manipulate +2

Elder Vampire
+10 Str +2 Agi +4 Kno +2 Wil +3 End
Takes 1/4 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
2 Natural Armour
3 Free Vampire Traits

Fingers in Your Mind
May Expend MP to make a 3 Dice Social Roll (this can be opposed with a social roll) to learn the targets most immediate:
- Fear / Concern
- Hope / Desire
- Probable Next Action

The Vampire may spend 2MP to dig deeper which requires an opposed social to will power roll at which point they may ask about
- All a persons Fear / Concerns
- All a persons hopes / dreams
- A Rough Plan (if they have one) towards a particular goal

Command the Waking Mind

The Vampire can roll Social vs Willpower to give the target a short command which they must obey. The difficulty of the roll depends on the command

Command the Sleeping Mind
The Vampire can affect an individuals minds affecting emotions or concerns. This costs 1 MP to influence someone in a minor way and 3MP for a more major way. E.g. nudging a depressed person toward suicide is easier than someone who is enjoying life. This is opposed by a social roll

Elizabeth enjoys having people in her power. She can regain MP from this but not indulging requires a 4 Dice Willpower Role.

Clothes suitable to situation (inc Leathers for 1 Arm)

Elizabeth Roth

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