Native American Shaman


A skilled practitioner of Spirit Magic who claims to be searching for relics stolen from him by Lester. He and his daughter are hunted by the Houston Cell who are under orders from their Master Oberon to claim their tribal relics themselves.

He was captured by the Houston Cell stranding the New Orleans Cell in the Spirit World. he was interrogated and apparently gave up details of a number of other individuals who were forming an anti Venatorii Cabal across North America.

Michael confronted Invictus about him kidnapping Joe and Invictus feeling his hand to be forced executed Joe with a shotgun. At the last though Master Oberon agreed to allow Rachel to resurrect her dead father and agreed to spare the two of them.

True Name: Chogan (Blackbird)


True Name: Chogan (Blackbird)

HP 14
MP 30
Armour 3
Initiative 9+2d6
Speed 33

Str: 10
Agi: 9
End: 7
Kno: 9
Wil: 15
Soc: 10
Fin: 13

Axes +2
Bows +1
Spirit Magic +3
Winchester +1
Tribal History +1


Experienced Practitioner
Is capable of performing rituals of the second circle and has three familiar rituals:
-Spirit Gate: May open a path to the spirit world
-Sense the Direction: Allows him to gain insight into the direction/way to obtain what he wants
-Meld: May change form to incorporate physical traits of a black bird or a coyote

Old War Wounds
After intense physical activity for more than three rounds must make an endurance check to carry on.

Quick Draw
May store or ready a weapon for free, +1D6 initiative


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