Cult Leader Vampire


A Vampire Skilled in Blood Magic and responsible for the theft of powerful artifacts across the States

He nealry suceeded in summoning Khurana back to this world but was killed at the last moment by Locke with one of Frenzied Walker’s vengeance stakes


HP 28
MP 32
ARM: -
Damage 6
Initiative 13

Strength 18
Endurance 14
Agility 13
Social 13
Knowledge 17
Willpower 16
Finesse 12

Expression +2
Blood Magic +2
Scythe +2

Ancient Vampire
+10 Str +2 Agi +4 Kno +2 Wil +3 End
Takes 1/4 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
2 Natural Armour
3 Free Vampire Traits

Bishop of the Heralds of the Gloried Infernal
Can Counter Priestly powers and repel some super naturals with the Anti Christ’s power. Is immune to holy weapons effects, turning and holy water.

Master Blood Sorcerer
Lester is a master blood sorcerer and has been practicing his art for over a thousand years unlike Frenzied Walker he has continued to work on his blood magic not diluting any of it.

Aegis of Blood
Death Blade
Acid Blood
Invigorate the Limbs
Ward of the Unlidded Eye

Hypnotising Gaze
Costs 3 MP target must either make a 2 dice willpower check in combat or miss a turn or a 4 dice check out of combat and be enthralled.

Symbol of the Heralds of the Infernal


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