Scarlet Pine

Athletic, streetwise & a fighter

Base Stats:
Class:   Race: Human, Fae-blooded
HP: 17/20 MP: 15/28
Exp (Total): 1(151) Spent Exp: 150
Favour: 0    
Primary Attributes:   Others:
Strength 7 Bonus Damage +0
    Encumbrance 70
Agility 14 Initiative +1d6
    Speed 42
Knowledge 10
Willpower 13
Endurance 10
Social 7 Retainers 3
Finesse 14
Parkour: +3
Hand-to-hand combat +2
Dodge +3
Traits, Advantages & Disadvantages
Trait: Blooded Fae Small illusionary magic, allows for blending into a crowd or adjustment of features as a disguise, however is more susceptible to Fae powers (Spend MP, foes must make a 3d6 willpower check to recognise Scarlet & +1d6 difficulty to resist Fae powers) Through training Scarlet can create a displaced image of herself primarily used for dodging attacks (Spend 3MP attacks this round made against Scarlet are at a +1d6 difficultly)
Trait: Soothing Aura Spend 2 MP all "friendly" social rolls roll at -1d6 with an individual of choice. (May not be used for intimidate etc.)
Advantage: Natural GPS Has an unnatural sense of direction which makes it difficult to get lost (-1d6 to difficulty from checks regarding navigation or route planning)
Advantage: Hit & Run Scarlet can perform two dodges within a round at no penalty and after her first successful dodge of a round may make a small action (e.g. single shot back, reload etc.)
Disadvantage: Fae Upbringing Was brought up away from a 'normal upbringing' and has an empathy for Fae and their kin, also due to their trickster nature, she is very particular about wording of phrases, will not make promises etc. (+1d6 difficulty to all defense regarding Fae magic, other effects are RP disadvantage in social context)
Disadvantage: Pyrophobia Due to the events at St. James church Scarlet has developed Pyrophobia (She takes MP damage in the presence of uncontrolled fire or fire directed against her. Trying to use fire will also cause a loss of MP. The exact amount of MP lost is based upon the size of the fire / situation)
Weapons: Rounds: Damage: Effect:
Semi-Auto Shotgun 2 20 Rend, Reload 3, AP 2
Light Pistol x2 2 16 Ranged & Reload 3
Silver Boot Knife 1 8 Bane & Parry
Katana 1 16 -
Other Gear:
Fae Cloak Armour 1, Immune to ghost and AP Cannot be seen by those with supernatural sight
Motorbike Helmet & Leathers
Lockpick Set  

Exp Spend & Trait Loss:
30 Exp on Willpower +3 (11 ->14)
10 Exp on Finesse +1 (14 ->15)
10 Exp on Social +1 (6 -> 7)
20 Exp on Endurance +2 (8 -> 10)
15 Exp on Fae trait upgrade (Displacement)
30 Exp Hit & Run Upgrade
20 Exp on Soothing Aura
15 Exp on Dodge Skill
Gained Pyrophobia
Finesse -1
Willpower -1


Scarlet Pine

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