The Laores

A Dangerous Underworld Spirit


One Down…


HP 40
MP 36
ARM: 3
Damage +14
Speed 33
Initiative D6 +11

Strength 10
Endurance 20
Agility 11
Social 11
Knowledge 14
Willpower 18
Finesse 13

Tracking +2
Intimidation +3
Dodging +2
Acrobatics +3
Combat +2


-Is Incorporeal can go through objects, walls etc.
-It is invulnerable to physical assault unless using a bane or weapon specifically designed to fight it. This includes falling, bullets, drowning, tidal waves, collapsing buildings and poisonous gas. It takes half damage from Mundane fire full damage from supernatural fire.
-It’s Speed is 4 times it’s Agility
-It Can run over non solid surfaces but cannot fly though all jumping distances are doubled.
-All it’s attacks have the Ghost Quality and they cannot be parried or blocked except by a holy icon, enchanted item or silver item. If the Armour is silver lined or blessed Armour is halved not ignored totally. Every attack the Laores may spend a MP to make a 3 Dice Strength/Willpower to negate the bonus from then on.
-It cannot be disarmed as it’s weapons are part of it.

Numbing Cold
The Laores is surrounded by an aura of Cold for each attack that it hits with the target must make a 3 die endurance check. If they fail they take D6 Damage every round that ignores Armour. This can stack up to 3 times.

If the check is failed and the attack was a melee attack the Laores may spend 3MP to deal D3 Agility or Endurance damage to Target as Well. Loss of Endurance reduces maximum and current HP

Rapid Attack
May attack twice per round but must use the same attacks.

Scion of Death
The Laores is damaged by life based creatures such as a phoenix.
Destroying the Laoreswill banish it to the Underworld much weakened

Hand of Death: 12 Damage +1 Dice to Parry
Shadow Spray 12 Area and Ghost
Triskeles 12 Damage Ghost, Triskeles make an attack the following round at Fin 10

The Laores

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