Timothy Mallory

A blooded vampire in the pursuit of redemption

Class Race “Human”
HP -20 / 27 MP 13 / 24
XP 10 Spent XP 80
Favour 5 Kills Civs/Dark 0/0
Primary Attributes
Strength 13 +1 (Blood: +1)
Agility 13 +1(Blood +1)
Knowledge 10
Willpower 12
Endurance 10 +1
Social 9
Finesse 8 (Blood +1)
Occult 2
Dodge 1
Sneaky 2
Hand to hand 1
Writing 1
Damage Modifier 4
Initiative 14+D6
Encumbrance 140
Speed 42
Retainers 4
Creature of the Night +3 to Perception and Stealth at night
Vampire Blooded: Predator Appears more vampiric when using this (teeth growing, skin takes a different tone, red eyes). Bonuses to Strength, Agility and Endurance (+1).

Improved: Drinking blood provides a bonus to stats.
Enthralling Presence Opposed Willpower Roll to charm – provides bonuses to ongoing Social rolls.

Improved: Aura of Fear Upgrade, bonus to intimidation
Practitioner Blood Magic Ritual to combine my blood and victim’s blood to track a person. GM discretion visions.
Body of the Vampire HP=Endurance x 2.5
Heart of Darkness Wouldn’t you like to know?
Lonely Heart No friend.
Equipment Attacks per round Damage Effects
Shotgun 1 or 2 20 Let her Rip, Rend, Reload 1, Armour Piercing 2
Knuckle Duster Knives 1 8 Parry
Hook Knives 1 8 Parry
Revolver 2 22 Rend, Ranged, Reload 2
Random Possessions
2001 Toyota, Camry Solara

“Tim” as he is known is an assistant Professor at the University of NY, specialising in metaphysics and physical biology.

He is a member of the Mallory Family, a lineage of blooded vampires in the Modern World.

Timothy Mallory

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