Character Creation

Venatorii Noctus Character Generation

  • Everyone has 70 Attributes and 5 Skill points as per the standard Universe Rules
  • Everyone has two traits as standard and may have an additional one per additional negative trait up to a maximum of three.
  • All characters must be part of the Venatorii Noctus even if their character does not wish to be
  • Everyone should have a true name they may choose to have this secret but please let the GM know.
  • Everyone is human, sorry no vampires for you.


  • Everyone has Five favour points with the Masters to begin with. These favour points may be expended in play or before play to gain additional advantages. Favour can be used to do things like ask for back up, calm things down with the local police, get a supply drop, provide you with a retainer etc.
  • These cost different amounts of favour having a retainer who is relatively skilled 1 favour whilst more specialised
  • If you drop to 0 Favour you are out of favour with the Masters if you go below 0 the Masters have decided that you’ve gone rogue and need to be brought in.
    Favour can also be lost or gained based on failed missions, collateral damage successful missions etc.
  • Any pieces of equipment that a teenager couldn’t be expected to own costs Favour to acquire form the council


  • The Proficiencies for Venatorii are different from standard. There are basic weapons (pistols, knives batons, stakes etc. etc.) which anyone may use. The other proficiencies are: body armour (things like swat armour etc.), specialist weapons (flamethrowers, machine guns, snipers and other similar weapons that require one person to operate), Heavy weapons (rpgs, mortars, heavy machine guns and other weapons that need a 2 person team to use), Specialist vehicles (driving planes, tanks, subs etc. etc.). Each proficiency can be bought for one trait.
  • You may purchase a trait to be blooded and be descended from some form of Dark creature. You must specify what this ancestry is at the beginning of play and agree with the GM what abilities this provides you with. You may elect to allow the GM to decide what your ancestry is and give you benefits if you wish to find out in play. Being blooded costs 1 trait
    Witches and Warlocks are present in the world. All magic of this kind is ritual based and require a bunch of reagents. For each level in this trait you have 1 trademark ritual that you have practised long and hard so you can pull off relatively successfully. Otherwise you can try any ritual you would like, but having a book or pattern to follow makes you far more likely to succeed. The more advanced your magic the powerful rituals you will be able to pull off and the less likely to have side effects.
  • Some people are weird and have a single supernatural trait. This is not a flashy or showy power such as fire control but might be something more along the line of prophetic seizures, aura reading, telepathy, low level telekinesis, spidey senses, particularly harmful towards a specific kind of dark creature (e.g. Vampire).
  • Otherwise your traits should all be traits that make sense for the modern world


  • Spell cap is irrelevant in this setting since the only magic is done by rituals and they work differently to spells normally in Universe. You can leave this box blank.

Character Creation

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