Creatures of the Night

There are a wide range of dark creatures. Some come from different worlds and others just strange denizens of our own. Some of them are sentient and some are not. Not all of them pursue agendas that are directly harmful to humanity or have been compelled on their true names to curb their activities. True names hold a lot of power even over normal mortals so telling your name to every dark creature that you meet is unlikely to turn out well.

Alot of these Dark Creatures come from alternate realms such as the demon realms, underworld, spirit world or Tir Na Og.


  • There are a variety of different theories on their origin and purpose.
  • Holy symbols are instinctively frightening to Vampires but older or braver vampires are likely to laugh it off. Still holy symbols, blessed weapons and holy water still burn them. As does the light of day.
  • Stakes to the heart kill a vampire outright but decapitation and enough damage is likely to put them down nonetheless.
  • Vampires vary hugely in power and weaknesses beyond this core of information which is what makes them one of the most dangerous to hunt.


  • Demons are arranged into Seven “Families” each of which focuses on one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
    *Demons come from the Demon realms – a series of hell like lands beyond the mortal world. From this place they can be summoned to take an active role in Mortal Affairs.


  • Fey creatures seem to come from a paradise land of Tir Na Og originally though most of the Fey on Earth appear to be exiles from Tir Na Og. Sometimes however fae from Tir will come through into this world. Unlike Vampires who want blood or demons who want souls it is unclear what the fae want.
  • Fey put an especial reliance on true names
  • Fey specialize in glamours, illusions and trickery using them to socially manipulate in normal every day and using them for stealth and trickery in combat.

Practitioners are humans who have learned to wield magiocal powers through rituals. There are many styles and schools of magic. Some of the most important in New Orleans are those of Native Spirit Magic Practices and Voodoo.

The Practice of Voodoo is tied heavily in with the underworld and the Four Barons who rule the part most connected with New Orleans.

Were Creatures

  • Were Crocodiles are particularly common in New Orleans
  • Were animals are hurt by Silver
  • Were creatures are able to shift between humanoid and animal forms though each one has only a single separate form which is what separates them from shape changers


Creatures of the Night

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