The Blooded

The Blooded are those mortals who have some portion of Supernatural Dark Blood in them. For some such as Fae Blooded this is clearly due to a mixing of ancestry sometime in the past (whether consensual or not).

Often stigmata of the Dark touches them and they show both supernatural abilities and great character flaws. They are often more easily swayed by mind affecting powers of their heritage for example a Vampire blooded might be easier for a Vampire to fascinate since they already share a connection.

Often they are the favored servants of Supernatural creatures or they are recruited as specialist agents of the Venatorii.

Known Kinds of Blooded
This a list of the more common kinds of Blooded but their easily could be others.

*Fae: Possible boons to do with illusions, perceiving through illusions etc.
*Werewolf: Possible boons to strength or endurance such as regeneration more HP for each Endurance point, more damage per point of strength.
*Vampire: Vampire Blooded are strange since Vampires cannot have children except by turning someone into a another vampire. How exactly these are created is not understood but they tend to inehrit vampiric powers.
*Demon: Varies heavily some demon are arch manipulators others are tough skinned foot soldiers. Some Demon blooded might not be able to be burned.

The Blooded

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