A Teenage looking Vampire


A Vicious and spoiled child originally embraced by Larch to mess with her parents in the 1700s. This was one of the incidences that led to the Venatorii putting a fully fledged hit on him resulting in him fleeing to New Orleans with Angelene and Van Vetz.

He came to quite like Angelene’s precocious nature which only sharpened as time went on. She still acts like a rebellious teenager and has not become more mature just more jaded and convinced of her own importance.

She was killed by Helena’s Phoenix Blood


HP 24
MP 22
ARM: 3
Damage +14
Speed 33
Initiative D6 +11

Strength 22
Endurance 12
Agility 11
Social 14
Knowledge 13
Willpower 11
Finesse 11

Manipulating +3
Gloating +2
Boxing +2

Elder Vampire
+8 Str +2 Kno +2 Wil +2 End
Takes 1/4 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
1 Natural Armour
2 Free Vampire Traits

Horrendous Strength
+4 Str Damage Bonus is calculated at +100%

But I want It!
Angelene loses 1MP and demands something from target. Target must pass and opposed Social to Willpower Roll. If they fail they either must give in to her demands fully or they loses 6MP. If they pass they lose 1MP. If Angelene does not get what she wants she loses MP and activates slighted.

Angelene is a reasonable person up until you upset her. Should you upset her particularly her life then revolves around getting bloody and unreasonable revenge. She rolls all rolls at -1 Dice if it involves her getting revenge on you but she takes +100% mind damage from you.

When Angelene began to develop great strength Larch kidnapped a cute young boxer whom Angelene smashed around for a bit learning quite a bit of boxing before finally boring of him.

May make 2 Brawl Attacks per turn without penalty. If She deals damage the target must pass a 3 to four dice endurance check if they fail they roll all rolls as +1 Dice until the end of their next turn. This effect can stack.

Expensive Reinforced Leather Jacket (2 Arm)
Expensive Earrings
Expensive Iphone
Make Up (+1 Social)


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