Bull in the Bayou

Large Mettalic Bull


A Talos made by boiling a demon inside a Minoan Bronze bull. The ichor of the demon now animates the bull and radiates the heat that destroyed its first form. Talos are known to serve more powerful creatures as their personal engines of destruction.

It is believed that this Talos serves a Demon called Khurana and came with him from out of what is now Syria and the middle East.

The Talos was eventually taken out in a fight between Ammerata and itslef that lasted several hours


HP 100
MP 20
ARM: 8
Damage +9
Speed 30
Initiative D6 +6

Strength 24
Endurance 20
Agility 6
Social 3
Knowledge 10
Willpower 10
Finesse 12

HP multiplier is x4 per endurance, speed multiplier x5 instead of 3

Cannot Speak or communicate

Blazing Bronze
This creature is immune to all fire damage no matter it’s source, anyone within melee striking distance of if must make a 3 dice endurance check or take D6 Ghost Fire Damage. Anyone who damages the Bull for more than 5 Damage in melee must make a 4 dice agility check or be sprayed with boiling bronze ichor and take 2d6 ghost fire damage and a further 1d6 every round.


Bull in the Bayou

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