Caleb Skinner


In life a brutal conquistador who raped and tortured his way across South America met his end under an Aztec priests knife. The priest in question raised him back to life with a ritual to force Skinner to pay for his past crimes but something went horribly wrong Skinner rose as a Vampire slew the priest ate his heart and took his skin.

He has killed over twety Venatorii agents in his time and was only driven out of his hidey holes in South America by four teams of Venatorii after which he sought sanctuary with Larch.

He was killed by the Twins/Saviour in a blind fury as it seems to be Skinner was the one who originally cut Saviour’s life short.


HP 24
MP 18
ARM: 5
Damage +7
Speed 30
Initiative D6 +10

Strength 20
Endurance 14
Agility 10
Social 8
Knowledge 10
Willpower 11
Finesse 14

Skinning +2
Halberd +2
Knives +2
Stealth +1

Elder Vampire
+8 Str +2 Kno +2 Wil +2 End
Takes 1/4 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
1 Natural Armour
2 Free Vampire Traits

Slip like smoke
May Spend 2 MP to quell a preys senses so that they do not

Horrendous Aspect
Each round when fighting Skinner each enemy must make a 3 Dice Willpower check and lose an amount of MP equal to the amount they fail the roll by.

Find the Gaps
All Melee weapons have an extra rating of armour Penetration when used by Skinner

Heavy Armour Specialist
May wear heavy armour with no penalty

Cloak of Skins – Each turn the Cloak May grapple a target. the cloak is a horrible artefact created by Lester that folds the skins of each of Skinner’s victims into a miniature demon dimension drawing them out when needed. If grappled target takes 6 fire damage. Cloak can be turned and regenerates skins that a re sheared off
Antique Plate Armour (5 Arm)
Aztec Stone Knife (6 + 7 ) Any Damage dealt will heal Caleb
Halberd (18+ 11)

Caleb Skinner

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