Eli Van Vetz

Larch's Right Hand Man


Once a Venatorii now turned traitor and a member of the Heralds Infernal Eli was a vampire who none the less updated to suit a more modern age.

He was killed by the Twin/ Saviour whilst Invictus prevented him from escaping the blasts of Bale Fire


HP: 30
MP: 24
ARM: 8
Damage: 15
Speed: 42
Initiative D6+14

Strength 26
Endurance 15
Agility 14
Social 9
Knowledge 11
Willpower 12
Finesse 13

Swords +3
Pistol +2
Mental Strength +2


Elder Vampire
+10 Str +2 Agi +4 Kno +2 Wil +3 End
Takes 1/4 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
2 Natural Armour
3 Free Vampire Traits

Ferocious Strength
+4 Strength +50% Damage Bonus

Ferocious Speed
+5 Agility, Speed=Agi times 4

Initiate of the Heralds of the Gloried Infernal
Can Counter Priestly powers and repel some super naturals with the Anti Christ’s power.

If Eli manages to get the drop on a target he rolls one less dice to hit that round. All stealth checks are 1 dice smaller.

No penalty to using a weapon in each hand – may use a Heralds symbol as a one of these weapons

Heavy Armour Proficiency
May wear an use heavy armour

Counter Priest Lines:

He that believeth not shall be damned – nicht glaubt, wird verdammt werden
For low they are like sheep in fold and we the wolves – Für Nieder sie wie Schafe in Falte und wir die Wölfe
In the name of the pagan gods and the anti-christ I repel you priest- Im Namen der heidnischen Götter und der Antichrist Ich abstoßen Sie Priester


Duel Makarov Pistols
Duel Long Swords
Suit of Plate Armour (6 Arm) embossed with the symbol of the Heralds – Cursed so ignore Arm Pen bonus to resisting divine powers
Symbol of the Infernal Heralds.
Armoured Body Glove (4 Arm)

Eli Van Vetz

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