Student of the Supernatural


Scientia Potentia Est.

With learning comes the terrible price of knowing, finding that there are dark corners in the world where creatures lurk. Sub-terrestrials, extra-terrestrials and those which otherwise redefine the shape and form of the universe. There are those who will see them and fall into a madness as inhumane as the creatures that caused it.

Then there are men like Grimm, who revel in it.

Grimm was eventually slain by the Laores in the spirit world where his body was left. Later his soul was bound into the ritual binding Baron Criminal

Class Race Human
HP -16 / 16 MP 15 / 22
XP 9 Spent XP 75
Favour 2 Kills Civs/Dark 2/4
Primary Attributes
Strength 6
Agility 10
Knowledge 13
Willpower 11
Endurance 8
Social 10
Finesse 13
Eye for Detail 1
True Aim 1
Supernatural Research 2
Sneaky 1
Damage Modifier 0
Initiative 10+D6
Encumbrance 60
Speed 30
Retainers 5
Telekinesis Allows Grimm to move two small items (notebook size or smaller) as a free action per turn. This may now be done up to twenty meters away and with some finesse. CONTROL 2 POWER 2

Upgrade: If you perform a telekinetic act beneath your control/power maximum, may take a one dice reduction.
Scholar Lore Many years of studying information on the Supernatural allows Grimm to recall three significant facts about a supernatural occurrence or creature passsing a knowledge check.
Quick Reload Years of practice has allowed Grimm to reload and use a weapon in the same turn.
Defensive Stance May adopt a defensive stance in melee combat whilst performing this maneuveur the attack action may not be taken but all parry rolls are at 1 Dice Advantage.
Kleptomaniac If comes into contact or space of item the character knowingly needs/wants/is valuable, willpower check against trying to steal it. Bonuses to resist if stealing it is evidently stupid/will not succeed, and penalties according to desire.
Ill Prepared Lose 2D3 MP if a fight happens for which the party is not prepared.
Equipment Link Attack per round Damage Effects
Glock17 with silencer, tactical light and gaffer tape laser pointer 2 16 Ranged, Reload 3
Boot Knife 1 8 Parry
Two 7" Silver Combat Knives 1 8 Parry, Bane
Crossbow N/A 1 19 Reload, Armour Pierce
Katana N/A 1 16 N/A
Body armour N/A N/A 2 N/A
Random Possessions
Silver Cats Crystal Mineral Thing
Acorn Old American Coins
$1000 Coat Old War Winchester Gun
Books (see Below) Obsidian Wand
Iron Knut on chain around neck Silver Fae Bracelet

Books on:

  • Lots of Blood Magic Books
  • Books on Basic Summoning
  • Information on Constructs (like Gruncle and Talos)
  • Vampires

“Grimm” was not someone who fell into madness at the discovery of these creatures and has spent a great deal of his life in the discovery of these creatures. Despite the nature of his interest, he has led an otherwise normal life. Following a life time of public schools, he left to pursue his interests privately under a trust fund. It was only when he stole a paper on Blood Sustenance in Vampires from a member of the order that he hit their radar.


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