Dr Helena Huntley

The human forensics lab in a wheelchair



Class Race Human
HP 10/12 MP 15/28
Total XP 90 Spent XP 75
Favour 2 XP Remaining 15
Primary Attributes
Strength 5
Agility 3
Knowledge 17
Willpower 15
Endurance 6
Social 13
Finesse 16
Bonus Damage +0
Initiative 3+1d6
Encumbrance 50
Armour 2
Retainers 1/5
Speed 9
Traits Effect
Supernatural: Enhanced Vision Is able to see further and can magnify smaller objects without equipment. She has a greater range of focus. Ignores range penalties for perception, may spend a turn aiming to reduce range shots by 1 Die
Proficiency: Specialist Weapons May use all specialist weapons without penalty including sniper rifles, light machine guns, GMGs etc.
Advantage: Cool Under Fire Can work under pressure, be it operating on a dying man or keeping calm under fire. May spend 1MP to ignore situational modifiers from stress etc.
Disadvantage: Paralyzed Is unable to use legs and requires a wheelchair.
Disadvantage: Correction Glasses Due to her eye sight, if she goes without her correctional glasses for too long see gets sensory overload and has large headaches. Without her glasses needs to make a 3 Dice Willpower check to make perception rolls. For each hour she goes without her glasses she’ll suffer 2d3 MP damage.
Forensics +2
Hacking +2
Medicine +2

RetainerIcabod Kingsley

Helena’s personal driver and carer. He is loyal to a fault and is a suave gentleman. Helena has used him to sweet talk information out of suspects and witnesses before.


Night Vision Goggles
Mobile Phone
Sniper Rifle + Scope + Silencer
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Portable Forensics Kit
Headache pills

Dr Helena Huntley

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