Ichabod Kingsley

Helena's Suave Retainer


HP 16
MP 36

Strength 9
Agility 8
Endurance 8
Social 14
Finesse 10
Knowledge 11
Willpower 12

Sweet Talking +3
Etiquette +1
Language +1

Strong Willed
3 MP per Willpower

Social Rolls are 1 Die Easier in refined situations

True Friend
Regains MP from interacting with Helena and Vice versa


A true gentleman and skilled in mundane tasks such as cooking and cleaning. He dotes on Helena. When he has more recently been injured a number of times he has felt useless due to his inability to assist Dr Helena further.

After an argument with Tanya whilst the group was in the spirit world he left the house in anger and was not seen for some days. He was eventually tracked to La Maison Des Gloire where he was enthralled by the Muse Melanie. Here he was reunited with Helena.

He was killed in the battle of the Bayou beside his love Helena

“Muse Inspiration: Craftsman – He makes all crafts based rolls at one die easier and can do so in half the time normally required
Has Gained +3 In Skill: Crafts

Ichabod as a child always enjoyed working with his hands – one of the reasons why he enjoys cooking for the group. He was informed that this was not a suitable profession and has suppressed his interest in such activities "

Ichabod Kingsley

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