Neon Johnny

Magical Drug Addict


Favour 1
Armour 2
HP 45
MP: 12
Speed: 36
Damage: 2
Initiative 12+d6 (12+4d6)

Strength 18
Endurance 15
Agility 12
Social 6
Knowledge 6
Willpower 6
Finesse 12

+2 Grappling
+3 Punching

Drug Addled
Every 1/2 day that Jonny goes without taking in drugs causes him exponential mind point damage.

Going without for 1 Day deals 2MP 2 Days 4MP and so on. He can also not regain MP in anyway but taking drugs.

King of the World
When On Drugs Johnny is euphoric all dice pools to try and affect his mind are at +2Dice.

School of Hard Knocks
Johnny gets +50% extra HP from Endurance

A Left an a Right
Johnny can make two attacks per turn providing he is not using a weapon.

Trappings –
Johnny’s Drugs – Johnny can be stoked on up to 5 drugs. With his mask he can be on three at once.
Maegling: Allows the imbiber to exchange 1MP for +1 Damage but causes them to lose 1WP after use.
Mandrake Root: Increases Reaction Speed +2D6 Init and may make 2 Dodges per round
Pixy Dust: Allows the imbiber to ignore injuries that would cripple them DR5 against all attacks to minimum of 0.
Manticore Sting: Incites a pain filled rage takes 3 Damage a turn and +50% damage to attacks.
Nectar: Nectar stimms up your strength and endurance +4 Str, +4 End
Rebreather Mask- Allows Johnny to be stimmed up on 3 Different drugs at once

Fists 4+8 (4+10)
Maul 18+8 (18+10)

Neon Johnny

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