The youngest of Larch’s Brood Sired in the early 1900s and still considered to haver not matured to his full strength by the Vampire community at large. Louis disagrees vigorously with anyone who says that too close to him by dusting them in whichevewr brutal fashion entertains him at the time.


Louis – An Ex Hobo who is Larch’s Child. He is fanatically loyal
HP 28
MP 22
ARM: 1
Damage 6
Speed 64
Initiative D6 + 16

Strength 18
Endurance 14
Agility 16
Social 8
Knowledge 7
Willpower 11
Finesse 10

Streetwise +2
Perception +1
Hand to Hand +1
Stealth +1


+6 Str and +2 End Agi +1
Takes 1/2 Damage from Mundane Damage
May feed to heal
1 Natural Armour

Inhabit the Form
May spend 2 rounds and 2MP taking over the body of a mundane animal . Takes 1 round to transform back

Super Human Speed
+5 Agility, Speed=Agi times 4


Fists 4 + 6
Small Claws 6 + 6


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