Richard Locke

Wolf Blooded Contractor for the Venatorii

Base Stats:
Class: Race: Human, Wolf-blooded
HP: 26/26 MP: 20/20
Exp (Total): 30 Spent Exp: 115
Favour: 3
Primary Attributes:Others:
Strength11Bonus Damage
Danger Sense+1

Traits, Advantages & Disadvantages
Trait: Wolf-Blooded – Rank 2 Being a Wolf-Blooded makes Locke significantly tougher and faster than he should be. While he wishes he had the strength and regeneration that sometimes comes with the blood, he’s quite satisfied with what he has.
Trait: Body Armour Training Years spent running around deserts and jungles wearing Interceptor has conditioned Locke to the point where he doesn’t do his morning jog without the body armour any more.
Trait: Specialist Weapon Training What he didn’t learn in the Army, a couple hundred grand and a few months at Edelweiss Tactical filled in. Locke is proficient in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to put things in the ground.
Trait: Unusually Well Compensated While unfortunately most of it is stashed away in numbered accounts in non-extradition countries, Locke has some serious funds saved up from his days as a gun-for-hire. Master Oversight’s contacts provided some new and exciting ways to transfer money without attracting attention and so Locke has access to an additional stipend above and beyond the usual Venatorii salary. He can access some money every so often
Disadvantage: Silver allergy Along with the upsides of being Wolf-blooded came the classic weakness of his lineage: Locke is allergic to silver. Silver weapons do bonus damage to him and prolonged exposure to even impure silver will cause pain, discomfort and irritation. Antimicrobial silver socks are banned, silver-purified water is a no-no and silver jewellery is way out.

Assault Rifle224Ranged, Reload 4, AP 2
Machine Pistol316Ranged & Reload 2
Boot Knife18Parry
Taser14 Stun
Flamethrower116Ranged, Blast 5
Other Gear:
Military Body Armour Armour 5

Richard Locke

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