Sef Marcy Mallory

Tim's Younger Sister


Another Vampire Blooded of the Mallory Family who arrived with Master Oversight. She was killed in the battle of the Bayou by Eli Van Vetz


True Name: Seraphina

Your Sister is a few years younger than you chronologically but appears nearly a decade younger than you even though both of you age slowly.

She was always someone with something to prove, you think because she is younger than you. She never liked your wife Marcy but doted on your daughter Elizabeth. She enjoys deceptions and mind games in particular surrounding her age. She can resist the need to drink blood. She chose her cover name as Sef Marcy MAllory Sef as a weird contraction of Seraphina and Marcy to spite Tim

You probably have a social bonus against her and vice versa you can read each other and push each others buttons.

HP 45
Mp 20
Armour 2

Str 12
Agi 13
End 15
Wil 10
Kno 8
Fin 13
Soc 12
Sword Stake +2
Athletics +2
Dodge +2
Socialising +1

Vampire Blooded
+2 Str, Agi, End Has teeth as Natural weapons can heal from Drinking Blood

Toughened Body
HP = End x3

Sense of a Vampire
may spend 1 MP to gain heightened hearing and sense of smell

No penalty to Ambidexing

Bitter Words and Bile
Sef covers her own fears and worries behind harsh words and a sharp tongue she takes 2x MP damage from insults, rejection etc.

Sef Marcy Mallory

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