White List Voodoo Man


Smokescreen is a young individual on the white list in New Orleans. He is a practitioner as was his father who died a few years back apparently during a summoning gone wrong. Smokescreen inherited his white list status and his fathers shop. but has done nothing productive with it instead it has gone to wrack and ruin.

Smokescreen spends most of his time in Whitesnake’s bar drinking, people are unsure where he gets his money from.

Since Houston are now attempting to target the young practitioner he has agreed to sign the white list on his agreement that:

  • He would help to run his fathers shop with Favier and a cut would go to Venatorii forces in New Orleans
  • He would not collude against the Venatorii
  • He would not endanger people with his magic

True name: Jacque Coreau

He likes to believe he’s suave and cool. He’s young and believes he’s immortal. He inherited his White List status but has yet to be bound in an agreement of his own.

He now knows Pines and Faviers true name

Favour 1
Armour 2
HP 45
MP: 12
Speed: 36
Damage: 2
Initiative 12+d6 (12+4d6)

Strength 8
Endurance 10
Agility 10
Social 6
Knowledge 14
Willpower 12
Finesse 12

Gambling +2
Sleight of Hand +2
Sorcery +1


Voodoo Practitioner:
Smokescreen is adept at casting Voodoo spells
Signature Spells

Green Gain – A Voodoo spell that helps to generate himself fortune
Shadow Speak – Speak to Shades
Revenge Spells – Enemy Loses 2HP for every 1 that Smokescreen Loses
Smoke Cloud – Breathe Smoke Out
Broken Mirror – Bring Bad Bad Luck
Smoke and Mirrors – Create an illusion of himself and upto two others while transporting themto another area within ten feet.

Smokescreen is adept at Binding his spells into objects

Top Hat (Bound Smoke and Mirrors)
3 x Straw Puppets (Bound Revenge Spells)
Ritual Paranphenalia
Dispel Dust (Attacks magical barriers bindings and Cirlces)
Three Horned Broach (Can repel Demons)
Sword Cane
Ace of Barons (Will protet him from the first sucessful attack against him)


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