The Twins

Crazy Practitioner


There once were two twins but the Twins brother died in a fight with Vampires which is blamed on the players by much of the Houston Cell. This seems to have cracked the Twins slightly as she still talks to her brother.

She has become a “confidant” of Pines. She is looking to leave the Venatorii and leave for Las Vegas

Helena has seen another presence who follows the Twins.


The Twins believes that she is still talking to her brother but it is in fact a particularly cunning ghost which experiences life through her. In return it grants her a number of sorcerous powers and whispers in her ear. The Ghost is a that of a New York play boy who used his practitioner abilities to game his odds on the stock exchange. He was called Daniel Fairweather and was killed by a vampire mob for muscling in on their turf. He was quite the deviant.

He currently is trying to get Pine to go to Las Vegas as the Twins have created a connection with her but he wants to eventually cut her lose. If things do not look to be going his way he wants to swing Pine to his side to empower him so that he can get her to empower him so he can more completely posses The Twins.

The Twins were super close, like creepy close.

Favour 1
Armour 2
HP 45
MP: 12
Speed: 36
Damage: 2
Initiative 12+d6

Strength 8
Endurance 11
Agility 12
Social 7
Knowledge 14
Willpower 14
Finesse 12

Magic +2
Knives +1
Larceny +2
Socialise +1

Ghostly Possession
The Twins is possesed by the Spirit of Daniel Fairweather – a ghost from the 1960s who at first masqueraded as her brother before possessing her fully.
May spend 1 MP to gain 3 temporary HP
Grants +2 WIllpower

It currently calls itself Saviour as a disguise for it’s true name.

Underworld Practitioner
The Twins are a capable of casting underworld rituals. Singature rituals are:

- Bale Fire
- Levitation (0 Cost due to Spirit Possesion)
- Miasma
- Soul Sync

Combat Ritualist
The Twins and Saviours unique blend allows them to cast spells far quicker than normal rituals are reduced to one round actions.

Trappings –
Leather Jacket – 2 Armour
Butterfly Knives
Locket of Brother


The Twins

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