Owner of the Bayou Retreat


A pallid white, skin taker demon who is now bound by the Whitelist. He runs a bar that is also Whitelisted. Like a snake, Skin Takers can shed their skins to take on the skins and appearances of others. However to do so they need a specially kept and prepared “wardrobe” of such skins.

Skin Taker Demons are part of the Envy Family of Demons.

He was killed in the battle of the Bayou by the Czardrej demon


Rough Stats:

Skin Changer Demon

HP 64
MP 36
Armour 2
Speed 42
Initiative 14+d6

Str 24
Agi: 14
End 16
Kno 16
Wil 18
Fin 18

Snapping Necks +3
Skinning +1
Pulling Beers +3
Lying +2
Disguise +3

Skintaker Demon


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