Important Documents

Journal of Greta

Greta’s Journal is more of a log book focusing upon the encounters between her cell and the Dark Creatures of the World. Largely they focus on their involvement in the black forest in Germany. After a while they are re-tasked as the third cell to go to New Orleans. Upon arrival they found the city surprisingly quiet in terms of dark activity only a half dozen or so dark creatures were still around. These included Ammerata and White Snake who were placed on the white list by Mikhail.

They were able to give Greta’s cell the dead Venatorii (or what was left of them). The first group was wiped out in one go whilst the other was picked off one by one with Mikhail being the last one to fall. Due to his Phoenix born powers he rose again. He sought shelter with Ammerata whilst he healed then took on White Snake forcing him to join the white list and force him to fight against the other Dark of the city. Mikhail killed many of the dark creatures. Eventually he went into the bayou to fight whatever was driving the whole damned mess. Little is known about what they fought or how they won but whatever it was contained.

Official Venatorii files show that Mikhail was returned to Munich to be buried. Greta however believed that the situation was different and that either Ammerata buried Mikhail in the bayou, apparently in a spell warded iron casket. Greta believed however that Mikhail was still alive and she “Left” the Venatorii to search for him.

Bible Geoffrey of Nantes
bible owned by a 14th century Friar who completed a pilgrimage to all the holiest sites in Christendom including Canterbury, Aachen, Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. He was involved in the Venatorii of the time and dusted a Vampire in De Compestela in the Name of St. James. In Jerusalem He joined forces with a local group of Monks, hospitalers, templars and saracens with venatorii connections to drive out. The pictures in the bible seem to show them summoning angels to drive it off. The creature was a stereotypical demon image but was accompanied by a bull. When the creature was driven forth he summoned a boat made of human skin from a whirl pool and fled. There demon had a K moniker position above it in the text.

On Laores

The documents from Master Oversight detail that Laores are among the most dangerous denizens of the Underworld. They appears as black figures made of shadow. They are created by a ghost slain by violence being unable to be released. Soon to be Laores slay and eat ghosts and spectres in an attempt to exact justice upon their killer who is out of reach. Eventually they turn into Laores who stalk the Underworld

Laores are sometimes summoned by practitioners in the world to act as assassins and murderers. Luckily they are normally only able to remain for a short while. Occasionally however when a Laores is summoned the practitioner loses control freeing the Laores permanently.

There are four known Laores active at the moment. 2 in Asia who travel as a pair. One who dwells in Africa switching allegiances between local warlords and another who normally operates in Europe. It is thought to be this last that has now appeared in New Orleans. This one is recorded as early as the 1200s so was probably alive some where in the second half of the 1st Millenium AD.

Laores are immaterial though some metals like silver can still pain them

Important Documents

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