Venatorii Files

New Orleans Records
Records of Various supernatural occurrences within the city of New Orleans. There are over 400 pages of notes from the past two hundred years. A useful reference collection but of little use without some more info to start work on.

Munich Cell Details

Though the Mission of the Munich Cell is not detailed beyond data collection it notes the Five members of the team and that they had been operating for about 4-5 years together. They had been working on the job for the past year and a dozen or so monthly reports have been been appended.

Team Members (Assumed Names)

  • Hansel Teuberker: The unofficial leader of the team files say that she was a woman who picked her assumed name for her brother killed by a shape changer when she was 14 . (KIA)
  • Terence: A scholar at heart chose his assumed name for the Poet Terence and his love of classical studies (KIA)
  • Dante: 18 year old evangelist, some notes on the fact that he believed he was an angel in a mortal body. (KIA)
  • Winchester: Ex-US ranger related to werewolves, files suggest he lived in the now but was the cell’s frontline fighter. (ROGUE)
  • Tanya Railey Tech specialist who appears to have been the main one collating the information they gathered (MIA – Now Rescued)

New Orleans Whitelist
Details on some of the whitelist creatures in the area. Information is deliberately hazy on most accounts to prevent rogue agents or vengeance strikes. The main three profiles are for Ammerata, Smokescreen and Whitesnake.

The Whitelist also mentions the only other Venatorii contact in New Orleans which is Favier

Venatorii Files

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